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Rights to Light and Daylight & Sunlight

Watts are renowned for our expertise in providing independent expert advice on both Rights to Light and Daylight & Sunlight issues.

Rights to Light

Rights to light is becoming an ever-increasing burden on the development process. Increased scarcity of land, higher targets and increasing land values have all lead to taller, more dense buildings, particularly within city centres. With these key issues, the risks associated with rights of light have never been greater.

With over 20 years’ worth of experience, Watts have worked closely with the key stakeholders to co-ordinate complete bespoke strategies for managing risk at all stages of each project. Whether working with a design team at an early feasibility stage to optimise massing, or by working with the legal team mitigating risk by negotiating away rights of light injuries, Watts are able to add value to key sites across the UK.

Rights to Light and Daylight & Sunlight include the following services:

Rights to Light

  • Initial site appraisal and risk registers;
  • Research and assistance with legal due diligence, including transfer studies;
  • Technical analysis, including:
    • 3D Laser measured survey;
    • Maximum building envelopes, to optimize site massing;
    • EFZ analysis; and
    • Cutback exercises.
  • Strategic advice and risk mitigation, including:
    • Light Obstruction Notices
    • Scheme amendments;
    • Negotiation and compensation budgets;
    • Insurance advice;
    • S203 Housing and Planning Act advice
  • Adjoining owners’ advice.

Daylight and Sunlight

  • Initial advice and feasibility studies for masterplanning, site layout and façade studies;
  • BRE technical analysis, including:
    • Daylight
      • Vertical Sky Component (VSC)
      • Daylight Distribution/No-Sky Line (NSL)
      • Illuminance method or Daylight Factor method
    • Sunlight
      • Total/Winter Annual Probable Hours (APSH)
      • Sunlight Exposure (SE)
    • Overshadowing
      • ‘Sun on the Ground’ assessments
      • Transient overshadowing
  • Daylight, Sunlight and Overshadowing Reports to support planning applications

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