As Heritage Consultants we understand that preserving and maintaining the historic built environment requires a combination of technical knowledge, skill, and care which results from experience and dedication. Lack of maintenance, inappropriate methods of repair, and lack of understanding of the behavior of materials are common causes of defects in historic buildings and may lead to the damage or loss of significant historic fabric.

This must be balanced with expert surveying, sensitivity, and a pragmatic approach to finding practical remedial solutions. We do this first by thoroughly understanding the significance of a building, landscape, or structure and advising on a sympathetic repair with minimal intervention so that deterioration can be managed and the life of our cultural assets prolonged. It is our belief that for built heritage to survive it must have a viable use; this encourages ownership and a level of care that will ensure future generations are able to enjoy our buildings as much as we do in the present day.

Watts provides specialist conservation advice to a wide range of clients who are responsible for the practical care of historic buildings including private landed estates, central government, local authorities, and property investors and managers, not to mention independent schools, theatres, and hotels.

Watts can deliver the complete spectrum of heritage services including historic building surveys, quadrennial and quinquennial inspections and reports, planned maintenance surveys, post-fire damage reconstruction, restoration of historic facades, planning, and Listed Building Consent applications, specialist project management, and contract administration services, defect analysis and archival research.

Watts’ building conservation team has a full understanding of the need for sympathetic repair with minimal intervention to the building fabric to prevent deterioration and prolong the life of our built heritage both in the UK and in continental Europe.

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