Building Surveying.


Mechanical & Electrical Consultancy

Watts has an in-house M&E Building Services Consultancy team that allows us to offer our clients a bespoke and specialist integrated consultancy service that provides advice at every stage of a property’s life cycle from inception, feasibility, acquisition, design, construction, operation, maintenance, refurbishment and disposal.

Our Building Services team have a wide range of hands on experience gained on a variety of building types within the UK and Europe, and provide advice that includes technical due diligence, design and strategic asset management for all property and asset classes.

Design of new build and refurbishment schemes focusing on energy efficiency and zero carbon technology. Refurbishment or maintenance works within occupied buildings, that requires a detail knowledge and phasing of the works to maintain live services for the occupants.

Mechanical & Electrical Consultancy encompasses the following services:

  • Concrete and deleterious materials
  • Curtain walling, cladding and glazing
  • Defect analysis, forensic engineering and material failures
  • Heritage conservation
  • Structural appraisal

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