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‘Vorsprung durch Retrofit’ Retrofitting Traditional Buildings

‘Vorsprung durch Retrofit’ Retrofitting Traditional Buildings by Michael Wright, Associate The property industry, like all other investment markets, is expected to achieve ‘Vorsprung durch Technik’ or‘progress through technology’, to quote a well-known German car manufacturer. There is the weight of private sector expectations through investors seeking greater rental values, more efficient and adaptable floor plates, […]

Watts Appointed for HS2 Condition Surveys

Watts Appointed for HS2 Condition Surveys We are delighted to confirm that our public sector business group has recently secured a large commission with the JV consortium that is SCS Railways (SKANSKA COSTAIN STRABAG) to undertake large scale condition surveys for the new HS2 Railway line.  This is for the first phase of work coming […]

Solar panels and capital allowances

Solar panels and capital allowances by Trevor Rushton, Director The capital allowance treatment of assets that facilitate the Feed-in Tariff (FIT) will change on 5 April 2012. This will impact on property owners considering solar power. A business may claim capital allowances if it carries on a qualifying business activity. Where solar panels are concerned, […]

Your dilapidations liability and FRS102

Your dilapidations liability and FRS102 by Ian Laurie, Director Corporation tax incurred by private companies, specifically tenant occupiers, can be an area of missed opportunity without the correct advice on any future dilapidations liability. In respect of commercial operating leases, the Financial Reporting Standard 102 (FRS102), which replaced FRS12, allows for a future dilapidations liability […]

BIM is key to future of QS profession says RICS

BIM is key to future of QS profession says RICS by Trevor Rushton, Director Building Information Modelling (BIM) can help quantity surveyors to speed up the estimating process by supporting the use of the New Rules of Measurement, says new RICS research published in January. BIM’s ability to automate measurement and speed up the traditional […]

Accounting for Dilapidations: FRS102

Accounting for Dilapidations: FRS102 by Trevor Rushton, Director When companies are looking at taking new accommodation, the end of the lease is often furthest from their mind. Most commercial leases however contain onerous provisions in respect of the Tenant being liable for items such as repairs and alterations. As a result, the costs of terminating […]

Planned amendments to the Permitted Development Rights (England) Order 2015.

Planned amendments to the Permitted Development Rights (England) Order 2015. by Trevor Rushton, Director “Whilst a developer may have permission to build an additional two storeys under the new planning legislation, this does not mean that there are not private rights belonging to the surrounding properties that need to be dealt with; rights of light […]

Cold Comfort

Cold Comfort by Trevor Rushton, Director An unventilated cold roof is asking for trouble – so what should you do if you come across one? Article published in RICS Journal. Click here to read the full article. The risk of condensation occurring in flat, unventilated roof constructions is nothing new. Early attempts at insulating flat […]

Bending the Rules

Seemingly bona fide companies can have a dark side–would you be content to recommend a company that consistently failed to take adequate care of its workers and exposed them (and presumably their customers) to risks that could have life changing consequences? As a professional the answer is of course no; but its not always that simple; uncovering the truth can be difficult and its not always particularly easy to locate HSE prosecution records.

RAAC and Ruin

Excessive deflections and transverse cracking were thought to be a key warning sign of failure in reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete (RAAC), but recent investigation has shown a much more serious risk of sudden failure. In May, the Standing Committee on Structural Safety (SCOSS) issued an alert about the collapse of a school roof last year (, an alert taken up in advice from the Local Government Association.

Are RAAC planks a problematic material that is being overlooked ?

Since late 2018 the long-term problems associated with RAAC planks, often called “rack planks” in conversation, have been better reported on. However, only recently is the wider property market becoming more knowledgeable about this now recognised problematic material. Do you know if you have this material in your portfolio?



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