Watts Group Limited secure new combined ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification for a 3-year term

by Dave Dorrington, Director Process and Quality

Watts Group Limited is proud to announce that its ISO certificate renewal is now complete and it has been awarded a new combined certificate by LRQA ; this marks Watts’ impressive 15th consecutive year of QMS accreditation. The ISO assessor was incredibly impressed with the high level of understanding demonstrated of the system requirements by the Watts’ team he met in our London, Manchester, Bristol, Cardiff and Belfast offices and noted that our service delivery was “well planned, executed and delivered”.  

The combined ISO certification allows improved business performance and makes it easier to integrate multiple management systems adding real value to the business. All processes are improved in terms of quality and environmental performance is integrated within Watts’ business strategies which means continuous improvement to all management systems; Watts Group is fully committed to working towards a safer, more secure and sustainable future.

Dave Dorrington, our Director of Process & Quality said: “With more and more emphasis on protecting our planet, we are thrilled to have been successful in securing the new combined certification which will help us enormously in eradicating duplicate processes and paperwork which can negatively impact the business in terms of time, effort, money and resources required.”

The result of combining ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 requirements in an integrated management system (IMS) has already streamlined the Watts business as a whole. By meeting all the complementary obligations with one set of policies and procedures, this allowed us to highlight overlapping responsibilities and remove duplication, making business processes easier to manage, implement and maintain in a more environmentally conscious way.

As the world’s most recognised standards for quality and environmental management systems, this certification will undoubtedly help Watts to confidently prepare for the changing business landscape, improve its overall business infrastructure and improve further on client expectations and service delivery excellence.

Dave Dorrington BSc (Hons)
Director – Process and Quality

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